3 Ways To Increase Traffic And Engagement By Blogging

Simple Steps To Increasing Site Traffic With Blogging

Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5 times more traffic than companies that published zero to four monthly posts. HubSpot, 2015

* Share your knowledge:

Blogging helps to deliver your content strategy, position yourself as a thought leader while also showcasing your knowledge and expertise.

You have the knowledge, now share it

Speak up, Create a Voice

* Develop Your Voice & Presence:

Establish a voice on digital platforms, like LinkedIn and Twitter, which speak directly to your target audience. Create a schedule and develop a cadence which will grow your audience and bring them back for more of your content.

If Blogging is not your thing then hire an experienced company like iSimplyAssist LLC, who will create attention-grabbing blogs that align with your vision.

You have the knowledge, now share it!

* Compounding Posts:

Create a compounding post jammed packed with important information geared directly towards the pain points felt by your target audience. Get it right and you will always have a steady stream of traffic. “The most successful compounding blog posts not only directly answer a question, but they also provide a clear solution.” Next Collision, 2018 In most cases you will only need to create just one blog like this.

The best way to get started is to begin by jotting down topics to write about, then start creating outlines. The rest is just filling in with the content you’d like to discuss.

And Remember: Don’t Just talk about it, Blog about it!

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