How To Conduct A Social Media Audit Today

Conducting A Social Media Audit

Can You Answer The 3 Questions Below?

  1. When was the last time you conducted a social media audit?
  2. Have you been grinding away on social media with little result?
  3. Is your social media ROI in the negative?

Let’s Dissect This Further:

For example you introduced a new product or campaign to crickets……or you have tons of followers with little engagement and barely any leads….If any of these scenarios are true you need to conduct a social media audit ASAP. If not, conduct a social media audit for maintenance and scale.

Why do you need to do this? What is the purpose?

  • A social media audit will tell you everything you need to know about what is working on your different social accounts and what is not working.
  • Most importantly it can tell you where you need to spend less time and to what platform(s) you should be focusing most of your efforts on.

Many people fall into this thinking that they need to have a presence on EVERY social platform and that is simply not true. You may learn that you have been spending way too much time on the wrong platforms. Go and stay where you are having the most engagement with your target audience.

Conducting a social media audit
Conduct A Social Media Audit To Find New Opportunities

The main goal of your social media efforts should always be on finding and connecting with your target audience.

An audit should be able to tell you:

  • Where your audience is online?
  • What time of day they are typically active?
  • What kind of content resonates with them?
  • What are they saying?

Consider who your buyers are (go back to your buyer personas Hubspot has an AMAZING tool just for this purpose!) how does your content stack up to that? Also is it aligned with your business goals? Have you veered off track?

Auditing your social accounts, will help to answer those questions. .

Factor in your typical sales cycle as an indicator of time from prospect –> lead –>sale.

If you have some time today or in the near future conduct a quick social media audit and learn to better position content to your target audience, WHERE they are online and AT THE RIGHT TIME. This will help with engagement and lead generation.

Here are a 5 ways you can perform a social media audit on your own today!

  1. Start tracking the channels that you own – Diagnose how they are performing against your business goals.
  2. Are you gaining new followers? Have you noticed a steep decline in followers? You may need to pump up engagement.
  3. Are you attracting your target audience? If not go back and see what could be updated with your content.
  4. Check content performance.
  5. What posts are getting the most engagement? What posts are not?

Conducting a social media audit maintains the health and more importantly GROWTH of your online presence.

Conducting a Social Media Audit
Make sure to track data from your audit, to stay on top of key changes

By taking a more focused and tactical approach to your digital presence you set yourself up to start attracting relevant connections from your target audience.

A social media audit is a win-win for everyone involved. When done correctly it provides a window into what your audience is actually looking for. It tells you what they are interested in but best of all when you can find and draw out your ideal audience, you can begin to engage with them.

Once you start engaging with your audience you begin to have more meaningful conversations and interactions with the people you basically started your business to attract.

You learn to communicate and connect with them with your content in a way that they can gain benefit and value from which is priceless.

Below are a few additional (more technical) benefits of a good social media audit:

  • You can develop new goals and KPI’s (Key performance indicators)
  • You begin to realize what content resonates with your audience
  • You discover what channels are most effective and the best time of day to post it
  • Budgeting becomes EASIER! With new benchmarks and REAL goals, you can calculate a more effective and attainable ROI
  • Finally you can get rid of what is not working internally or externally and reorganize for better results.


Once you have completed a social media audit and have gathered relevant data, chances are that over time you will begin to see positive ROI and feedback from your efforts.  

As buyers begin moving through your sales cycle you will notice the following changes:

  • More interest and sign-ups for your emails, webinars, YouTube channel and events
  • Higher rate of downloads for your marketing materials
  • Better bounce rates on pages where you are sending your traffic
  • Followed by better conversion rates

Remember like every part of your digital marketing efforts, social media plays a role in how you are connecting with new prospects, customers and leads.

It should fit into your business goals, with a real targeted focus and strategic plan. Use it to spark engagement and interest in you and your business.

Pay attention to what your social media audit is telling you, then make changes accordingly.

If you need assistance with performing a social media audit – pick one platform and schedule a FREE 15 minute call with me here I Need A Social Media Audit, I would be happy to help!