5 Ways A Mobile App Can Enhance The Customer Experience

5 reasons to have a mobile app for your business

Having a mobile app can promote a seamless customer experience.

Why consider a mobile app for your business?

Short Answer: A mobile app is a great way to enhance the customer experience.

To be fair, there are many reasons why a mobile app could be a great investment for your business and I am going to provide five reasons to consider adding this extension.

Current events have left businesses not just in the U.S. but around the globe crippled.

In the U.S. alone for example Small and local businesses in the personal services and hospitality industries have taken some of the biggest hits: “Personal services, hospitality and manufacturing are taking the biggest hits, with 100%, 95% and 90% of respondents in these industries, respectively, saying they are negatively impacted.” (Source: https://bit.ly/3eRzIL3) recovery will be based on what each state deems safe as the country slowly begins to recover.

Yet with so many business reopening after sitting closed for months, trying to reconnect with customers amid guidelines which put pressure on reduced capacity and social distancing could prove a difficult new challenge.

Enter the mobile app as a way to stay connected with current and past customers while also creating a bridge to reach new audiences.

Here are 5 reasons which I hope, will help you to consider how creating a mobile app for your business could have a potentially positive impact on your bottom line.

  1. Customer Experience
  2. Brand building
  3. Reach new audiences
  4. Marketing
  5. Sales process
Planning for your mobile app

A mobile helps to streamline the customer experience by maintaining visibility at all times

Customer Experience

  • A mobile helps to streamline the customer experience by maintaining visibility at all times. Mobile apps never go off, your customers have a way to access information, make purchases and check out new updates anytime they open the app.
  • For small businesses which are experiencing drastically reduced foot traffic a mobile app is the perfect way for visitors to still view your inventory and quickly make a purchase. It becomes an extension of your business.
  • A mobile app is a great way to stay connected with your customer’s right at their fingertips. Instantly providing incentives and loyalty programs.
  • Special access, rewards and exclusive products and services.
  • Having a mobile app for your business will help with building and maintaining a sincere relationship with your customers all the time.

Brand Building

  • You can really get creative with your brand when you have a mobile app.
  • It is the perfect way to compliment your brands experience offline.
  • Compliment your website with a mobile app. “Many marketers operating on a shoe-string budget usually ask this question — “Do we need an app if we have a functional website?” The truth of the matter is that a mobile app complements the capabilities of a website. Where a website attracts new customers, a mobile app creates customer loyalty.
  • A website needs clients to open a browser and enter the website URL. On the other hand, all a mobile app needs is a single touch on the screen of a smart device.” (Source: https://bit.ly/30k7YLb)
  • The color scheme, functionality, bells and whistles all come into play here.
  • Your customers and visitors really get the opportunity to get to know your brand by getting them involved with app updates and developments. You have an even better chance at building brand recognition and loyalty.
Mobile app for online shopping

For small businesses which are experiencing drastically reduced foot traffic a mobile app is the perfect way for visitors to still view your inventory and quickly make a purchase

Reach new audiences

  • Think about the competitive advantage having a mobile app for your business can bring if not many other businesses in your area are doing it.
  • With the restrictions brought on by the corona virus pandemic, having another way to engage with customers and new leads is extremely important.
  • Visitors who live in other states or towns who cannot or will no longer travel to your location can still stay connected and shop with you from the convenience of your mobile app.
  • Upload instructional videos and tutorials directly to your app to reach new audiences online.


  • Having a mobile app for your business can shake up your usual content by bringing to your audience new ways to connected with them.
  • Keep content fresh and relevant by showcasing new developments and features on your app.
  • Get your audiences involved by tying in a contest, reward or giveaway by downloading the app.
  • Create videos and live demonstrations on your social platforms focused on tutorials, new updates and functionality of your app.

Improve The Sales process

  • With push notifications your customers can instantly take advantage of sales, discounts and promotions right at their fingertips.
  • An app is a more convenient way for your customers to make purchases and contact you quickly with questions or concerns.
  • Beyond mobile technologies, short and smart mobile advertising videos are used to attract attention; in addition, viral video content can be shared through mobile social networks. Mobile payments allow users to pay for products directly through their mobile devices, anytime and anywhere. (Source: https://bit.ly/3cNU2vt )

In Conclusion…

There are a lot of advantages to creating a mobile app, and all of these things help to create a seamless customer experience. Moreover businesses who have been impacted by the corona virus pandemic and are now looking for ways to stay connected with their customers anytime, should seriously consider creating a mobile app, to minimize the lost momentum, maximizing the customer experience.

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