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Create Lead Magnets Which Attract Not Deter

I read a post recently which exposed the obviousness of lead magnets, the lack of care which is put into most of them and the abysmal way that they are marketed. It even went so far as to imply that they are essentially useless and well pathetically generic.

I have to admit for the most part – they are.

Here’s the thing though, no matter how many people are talking about and exposing resource guides, checklists, planners etc for what they are. Simple lead magnets when done RIGHT are not only pretty valuable, but a great way to generate leads to your products and services.  

What I will do is share with you things to avoid when creating your resource guides and explain the RIGHT way to do them instead.

So hang on, buckle up, we are getting on this ride!

#1. Don’t Be Generic 🙁

Ok, YES like Duh! This seems kinda obvious right? Wrong! You would be surprised how many people get this wrong, maybe even YOU. Don’t believe me read the beginning of this blog again……

See you did it again! You shook your head and laughed because not only could you relate but well…admittedly you may also be making some of the same mistakes. Generic lead magnets are typically resource guides, checklists, calendars, planners (list goes on….)

They are usually copied from someone else’s cool and attractive Pinterest pin, or just a recycled Canva template. They do not hold much value and quite frankly do not get many results. Why is that?

Because it’s the exact same thing that everyone around you is doing. It’s reusing the exact same information and “value” with different colors, shapes and logo.

So how can you be unique?

7 questions to ask yourself BEFORE creating that lead magnet

Avoid missing qualified leads + improve your bottom line!

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    Align your resources with your mission and goals.

    Focus on your target market and really think about the problems they are facing. Do not make yourself feel rushed or like you HAVE to create something because you don’t. The only thing you need to do is focus on bringing value directly to your target market because these are the people who can truly use your resources. Pinpoint what makes your products and services different and consider the pain points your products and services will alleviate.

    Then and ONLY then do you get to work creating your resource guides, an e-book, a free consultation, or a checklist. When you begin to think along the lines of adding value to the people who need it you start thinking a lot more strategically and will begin to create resources that people need and will actually use.

    #2. It’s The EXACT Same Checklist!

    It could be something like this: “Perfect Checklist For Busy Moms”……..ok…..and??? Let’s say I look at the image of the download. It’s got a cute picture of a mom with her little kiddos. The checklist is a laundry list of an entire day of boring tasks stuff like: don’t forget to dust. Do laundry, set aside time to play with the kids, (BONUS** Click here for my super simple busy mom shopping list) and so on…

    Do this instead: take inventory of your current lead magnets, seriously, I promise it’ll be quick.

    Now head over to your favorite sites (places where you normally see lead magnets, social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, your favorite Facebook Group) search for the same resource guides or checklists you are planning to create to generate leads for your own business.

    If you see a lot of the exact same thing, DO NOT be disheartened but DO begin the work of updating and here is why: people are looking for value, real value, not cute pictures, jargon, catch phrases and generic info traps.

    I know some of you will say that this has worked for you, but if you were to sit down and review the numbers….how many of those “leads” are ACTUALLY converting to paying customers?

    Make the updates. Now that you have seen how many other people are literally pushing the exact same resources, do the work to make yours unique and REALLY stand out.

    Say you feel your checklist will be a huge benefit to busy moms, but how?

    Of course she has a lot to do in a day to keep her house from falling apart around her and quite honestly she doesn’t need a checklist or a planner for that – unless she is having trouble staying organized. Or she is not getting enough sleep, is a single parent and has no idea what to make for dinner during the week (nor does she have time to), or where to find resources for making a little extra money at home….see where I am going here?

    Know who your audience is. Think about what would really benefit them.

    Really digest the needs of your target market. Think about your audience as real people, that sounds crazy right? But most of the time we think about our target market as a set of characteristics instead of real people with real issues. Think about the resources you have downloaded and what made you pull the trigger? It was most likely due to a connection that was made when you read the information on the landing page, ad or post and realized that it spoke directly to a pain point that you are experiencing and you believed that the resource item was going to help you in that area.

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    As you stare at your lead magnets ask yourself:

    1. Does the information here really speak to the pain points of my target market and ideal customer?
    2. Am I shedding a light on what keeps them up at night and will this information bring them any value?

    #3. Don’t lose them, be careful who you market to!

    You could have the perfect resource guide, e-book or checklist but if it is not marketed to the right audience or created with the idea of resolving a specific pain point or need it will fall on deaf ears and get lost in the sea of unwanted, useless lead magnets and do you know where you will feel it most? In your bottom line.

    Let’s be frank, the more value you provide to the right audience, the more prospects you’ll have interested in your products and services. These people become leads when they download and consume your valuable content. Once you have these warm leads you can then take them through the last phase of the buying process and convert them to actual paying customers.

    When you are trying to establish yourself to a cold audience (also known as people who have never heard of you or your business), you really need to think about why they would need the content you are about to produce and how it is going to be relevant to them.

    For example instead of “Social Media Checklist To Jumpstart Your Business” Say instead, “17 of the best Social Media Hacks for Lifestyle Coaches to Generate More Qualified Leads” then market this to the appropriate segment.

     It pays to the take the additional steps to really provide valuable content that is actionable, your audience should be able to begin using these resources immediately to either see positive results or get instant answers to something that may have been a roadblock, until YOU came along.

     I hope you found this blog helpful, if you have any questions let me know. Want to keep in touch and join a community of other #goalgetters like yourself?

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