Start And Market Your Business With No Money

I know we have all heard that you need to have money to make money. While this is true it is not the WHOLE truth — you CAN start a business with no money, and I am going to tell you how

When consistency and ingenuity meet — knowledge becomes the currency

By: iSimplyAssist LLC

Do you want to start a business but are currently lacking the funds? If you answered yes to this question, then please READ ON!

I know we have all heard that you need to have money to make money. While this is true it is not the WHOLE truth — you CAN start a business with no money, and I am going to tell you how.


I must warn you, this method will force you to ACT. You will need to roll up your sleeves and get busy IMPLEMENTING.

Create a plan to use as a guide

The very first step to starting a business with no money is to sit down right now and begin to write down your plan. All you need for this step is a pen and paper, or an open word document on your computer.

Fill in the blank:

What product or service will I sell?

What is my USP or Unique Selling Proposition — Basically, what makes you different?

Who will I sell it to? (find your ideal customer and target audience)

What problem will I solve for my target market?

How will I market my product or services?

How will I price my services?

A Buyer persona will help you figure out the target market

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These are basic questions you can ask yourself in order to begin your business journey. The next step is to write down all of your marketable skills. Think about your resume or GET YOUR RESUME as a resource. The reason I am suggesting this is because your resume is a visual representation of all your marketable skills and achievements. It is a portable marketing tool for job seekers looking for employment and is a fantastic resource for gathering information on the skills you have which would transition well on your entrepreneurial journey.

Now I am a HUGE fan of learning and let me tell you, pretty much EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO LEARN (as a start) you can find for free on the internet! The ONLY thing this kind of education will cost you is TIME. Instead of watching television, Netflix, or trolling social media, spend the time learning new skills and honing the ones you already have.


HubSpot — Free Training Inbound Marketing

YouTube — Honestly simply type in what you are looking for, start with “How To” (fill in the blank) grab a pen and paper and start learning!

Facebook Groups — Join relevant groups, ABIDE BY THE RULES, ask questions, participate in conversations, these are also really great places to network, within the limitations of the group rules.

Forums — Like Quora, ask a question or join a conversation

NOW THIS: Figure out who your ideal customer is. What do they look like, demographics, what issue are they facing and how can you solve it?

You can also think this way in a business sense. Are there any businesses in your local area that could use your product or service? Before approaching any new prospect, do your research. Ask yourself: Do they have any presence on social media? Check out their social profiles, figure out how your products and services could be of use to them and create a proposal which solves any holes or issues you may have found.

Free Download: How To Market With No Money Checklist


You must start marketing for marketing is the lifeblood of your business, why? because this is how you will find prospects who become leads, then customers. If you are starting a business without money, then you are not putting anything into marketing tools which do a lot of the leg work for you automatically, like email marketing and lead generation, via cool landing pages and email templates. Which means that until you have the cash on hand to put into these resources you are the captain of this ship, navigating the marketing seas, by hand, without the point and click feature.

These are ways you can get started absolutely FREE.

Network (I know, I know I keep saying it, but heck it’s so important!)— there are many ways to market your business for free and networking has got to be the easiest, albeit does mean you have to get out there and make connections with people. Look for local organizations that sponsor free networking events in your area. PERFECT YOUR ELEVATOR PITCH! Tell everyone you meet about your business in 30 seconds or less! Collect those business cards, ask if you can add each individual to your mailing list — take names and email addresses, save in a Google Doc file. Services like MailChimp will allow you to start building a list for free! Convertkit is also a top-notch email list building tool, that I actually use myself. You can start with them for 30 days totally free!

You should be able to describe your business in 30 seconds or less

Approach local businesses in your area — Get out there and hit the pavement. Talk to businesses that fit within your target market. Make sure you know what you are going to say to them, this is where your elevator pitch will really come in handy. But do your research first!

Social Media — Update your Linkedin profile make sure that it highlights your skills and services. If you are selling a product, include that in your profile. Add a business profile to your Instagram account and ensure that the content is relevant to your products and services. Do the same thing for Facebook and Twitter. Make sure that you are posting relevant content to all of your social platforms on regular basis. DM profiles that fall within your target market, research them first! Figure out how you would be useful to them and include that in your message. You will need to do this every day, here is a GREAT article: How To Network On Instagram DM — @Garyvee

WASH, RINSE, REPEAT — Every single day! This is NOT a quick formula and you may not make money immediately; however, it IS a foolproof formula to getting started without any money and if done strategically and consistently this method WILL begin to bring you results. When you do begin to make money or receive any extra funds — INVEST it in yourself and your business. Do not spend it on anything that does not help your business get ahead. Let me retract a little, you OBVIOUSLY want to make sure that your bills are paid, food, rent, utilities, childcare etc. — just make sure that anything extra even if its 5 bucks goes back to your business. Every little bit helps and the only way to get this thing off the ground is with hard work and action.

Nothing is impossible, consistency is key


Turn off the television, HULU, Netflix and anything else that will sap precious time out of a day which could be devoted to your business. Do not troll through social media (unless it is to find businesses you plan to reach out to). Try to do everything you can to minimize distraction. Not to be the cheesiest person on the planet — but “If you build it they WILL come” ~ Field Of Dreams

If you have more questions or would like to discuss creating a plan, set up a 30 minute chat and let’s get you started!

Social Selling In The Digital Age

There is no longer a need to hear about why something is worth the purchase. Most modern consumers are not willing to listen to a long phone presentation describing the product. In the modern age, people want VISUALS, simply put, we respond better to social media with carefully curated content to explain exactly what we need, before imparting with our hard-earned cash.

Improve Your Marketing & Social Selling Efforts in 3 Simple Steps

By: iSimplyAssist LLC

Carefully Curate Content With Visuals

Do you find yourself skimming over marketing copy that is filled with jargon and buzzwords?

I certainly do and here is why: as modern consumers how we buy has drastically changed.

There is no longer a need to hear about why something is worth the purchase. Most modern consumers are not willing to listen to a long phone presentation describing the product. In the modern age, people want VISUALS, simply put, we respond better to social media with carefully curated content to explain exactly what we need, before imparting with our hard-earned cash. So how do savvy modern marketing or sales professionals overcome the challenges that have been imposed by the digital age to fill the pipeline and close more business?

1. Research

This part of the sales process has never changed. When it comes to selling and marketing a product or service understanding the customers’ wants and needs should be at the top of your list. A great way to truly understand the customer is by creating a buyer persona: “for each buyer persona profile, we want to know as much as we can about a group of people. What are their goals and aspirations? What are their problems? What media do they rely on for answers to problems? How can we reach them? We want to know, in detail, the things that are important for each buyer persona. What words and phrases do the buyers use? What sorts of images and multimedia appeal to each?” THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING AND PR, by David Meerman Scott.

Listen to what the customer is saying and utilize the proper channels to constantly analyze and reorganize the customer profile based on their activities and the conversations that you have had, this is where a great CRM system could be your best friend. People who find the most success will spend time researching the market digitally AND socially to target the best product fit for the customer while updating the customer profile regularly to move with the current trend and need within a given industry. Remember that the key here is to take everything you have learned about your buyer and sell a solution, not a product.

2. Relevant Content Creation

“Content creation is an integral tool in engaging your target audience. When it comes to delivering content and securing audience engagement, LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform”. (LinkedIn, 2017) (Source: HubSpot)

There are several platforms that can be used to attract and engage your target audience, whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, an intelligent sales professional who has done their research, will choose which social platform is the best for engaging with their target audience. You want to ensure that the content which you are producing for your target audience stays relevant and valuable to them. The research that you have conducted should have provided a decent window into the type of content they are interested in and what needs they may have.

The Best Content Is Educational

I personally find that the best content is educational it speaks directly to the needs of the audience and over time will position you as an authority instead of a pesky salesperson.

In the book THE 1-PAGE MARKETING PLAN, chapter 4 Capturing Leads, Dib states:

“A sample campaign might offer a free report or video series promising to educate your prospect about things they need to be aware of, how to avoid being ripped off and what they should look for. Once your prospect receives the value-packed information, you’ve delivered on all promises made in your advertisement. Your trustworthiness skyrockets. You’re positioned as the expert and set apart from your competition.”

3. Resolution Skills

“65% of salespeople who use social selling fill their pipeline, compared to 47% of reps who do not.” (HubSpot, 2018)

What is the best way to solve a customer’s problem? Give up? Empathy. The best way to discover where the customer is experiencing issues that you can resolve is to simply put yourself in their shoes. Listen to everything they say, ask the right questions and employ good research and data collection skills to put together a solution that works.

Onboarding and follow-up are a fantastic way to get an idea of what customers’ needs are, follow-up regularly and record everything in a database to ensure that you always have an account of key information the customer or prospect could have given you. With this information, you can set out to create an e-book, infographic, checklist or cheat sheet that they can use to assist with current issues they are having with their business. Everything you do should be to help your audience fix the problems that they have.

Find Solutions. Solve Problems. Give Value.

People are no longer interested in general statements which fire off long streams of data and facts, although this is important, what will get their attention is how the product or service which you are trying to market or sell to them is going to improve the problems and issues they are facing today or at least map out a clear actionable plan which will simply explain the value to them. Customers are always looking for solutions and those that use the digital and social tools within their arsenal will prevail.

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    Selling and marketing in the digital age will only prove challenging to marketers and sellers that do not take the time to find the right resources and tools to use in their modern-day arsenal. Not listening to the needs of the prospect will also cause lost opportunities. The best sellers will take everything they have learned from the prospect and create a solution which serves as the answer. Spending too much time researching is also a sure way to lose time which could be spent getting to know the prospect, pinpointing issues and providing solutions.

    What are your views on social selling? What are some of the tactics you employ which you have found successful?

    Comment below!