Why Content Marketing Matters

Creating a content marketing strategy
Content marketing is valuable to your business
Great content is very valuable for your business

The reason why content marketing matters is because of the value it brings to your customers and business.

When it comes to the value of content, did you know that according to Hubspot, marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI? (HubSpot, 2019) Which confirms that creating a strategy around valuable content like blogs are typically a much more successful approach to handling your marketing efforts.

So many times in digital marketing we hear the same buzz words floating around: social media (in general), Linkedin, discussions around Ads whether they are Facebook, Instagram or Google, but what we hear less of is the word content and the impact it can have on your business. Many times even hearing the word content or content marketing what comes next is Blog. But even that is not the whole picture. What ties everything together is the value that the overall content you are producing and distributing is having on your audience on any channel. Because it is that value which will make them comeback for more.

How To Create Valuable Content

The best way to create valuable content is to talk about what you know. I like to say teach, yet another buzz word is “Thought Leadership” which is a similar concept. In both instances what you are doing is coming up with topics around your industry that relate to your business and the target market that it serves, creating informational content which will educate your audience. When your audience begins to see you as a resource and can go to your content to learn something new or figure out how to solve a pesky problem or issue, they will continue to consume your content.

Remember though, this is not coming from an arbitrary place. The goal is to truly add value, you’re not just saying that you can sell them something, instead you are proving your authority within the industry you are doing business in and you are working to attract and convert customers who trust your authority and know the value of doing business with you.

Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy should follow a system, one which is based on a few factors:

·        Knowledge of your industry

·        Knowledge of your target market and audience

·        Competitor Analysis and Research

Learn How To Use Content To Attract Leads

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    Knowledge Of Your Industry

    You can only write or create content about what you know right? It is important that you have some knowledge and insight about your industry. If you are trying to establish yourself as a thought leader then getting educated on topics you plan to create content about or staying abreast of important industry changes and updates is of the utmost importance. Keeping your information fresh is not just good for SEO but it is also good and valuable for your audience. A trick that I use which has been very helpful for me is to create Google Alerts which are focused on my chosen keywords.

    To create your own Google Alerts click here: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/4815696?hl=en

    Know More About Your Target Audience

    Lately knowing about your target market is synonymous with buyer persona’s, a buzz word, overly used certainly, but is it still a relevant and important part of the content puzzle?

    1000% Yes!

    Here is why, until you put in the due diligence to get to know who your audience is, discover where they are online and what they need, you will always have a problem with getting your message to the right people at the right time.

    So how do you figure this out?

    You have to start by narrowing down who you’re targeting and yes, really complete that buyer persona to gain a clear understanding of who your audience is. According to Inc.’s article, How To Define Your Target Market it suggests, “Try searching online for research others have done on your target. Search for magazine articles and blogs that talk about or to your target market. Search for blogs and forums where people in your target market communicate their opinions. Look for survey results, or consider conducting a survey of your own. Ask your current customers for feedback.” (Source: https://www.inc.com/guides/2010/06/defining-your-target-market.html)

    Competitor Analysis and Research

    It is very important to incorporate competitor analysis and research into your content marketing strategy. You get valuable insight by looking at who the competition is targeting and asking yourself a few questions like: what platforms are they doing well in? What conversations are they having? Where are they weakest and how can you take that information to strengthen your own position? Determine what ways you can be different and possibly find a niche opportunity they could be potentially missing out on. Just be very careful, you have to make sure that you are taking an objective and strategic approach to your competitor analysis, to put it plainly, ensure that you have a plan and purpose for the research. It is very easy to get caught up in what you think they are doing better and if not careful, could end up just being a copycat instead of an innovator.


    Content marketing matters at every point of your business. Your content should move your prospects and leads through the buyer’s journey. That journey begins when they first notice the existence of your business. It then moves them along as they evaluate what your business is all about, soaking up all of the valuable resources that you have provided to help them understand what you do, why you do it, what you know and why they should get on board. Never underestimate the power of good content. Focus always on the customer, speak to their need with solutions. Have questions about creating your own content marketing strategy? Let’s Chat!

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